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Shortstack, Collected short stories by Timothy Hurley, from ridiculously funny to humorously personal to modern parables. eBook July 2013, paperback Aug 2013, at 4.6 stars out of 5 based on 9 reviews. 

"Poe's Black Cats." Dark Muses, Spoken Silences, anthology eBook and paperback, Firbolg Publishing, October 2013 at Amazon. A deathbed confession: the true story about Poe's black cat. "Poe's Black Cats" given high praise in review by Joshua Skye.

"Dead Planet Scrolls" science fiction, in anthology, Invasion, eBook at Amazon, September 2013.

"Stoop Shoe" Another Left Shoe, Blue Dragon Publishing, print anthology, due fall 2013. If the shoe doesn’t fit—wear it.  A young woman fresh from Indiana connects on a Brooklyn stoop when she is brash enough to pick up a solitary shoe she finds there.

"The Hairbrush Murderer." The Story Shack, April 29, 2013. When Miriam and Jacob find the Hairbrush Murderer has been in their bedroom, they lock themselves in, and their fate depends on Jacob.

"Got Tickets?" The Story Shack, February 18, 2013. Illustration by Cait Maloney. No one knows better than long-suffering Harold and loveable Ethel that it’s black dress for the opera, don’t forget the tickets, and the subway smells.

Senior Correspondent. Contributing humor writer, April, 2013. 

"Fifty Fifty." One Million Stories, March 12, 2013. War is purgatory—waiting is hell.  Two enemies, alone in a deserted neighborhood with missions to hate and kill each other, find their orders countermanded by their grandmothers.  Adult language. Available as single story eBook at $0.99.

"Post Publication Depression." The Satirist, February 21, 2013. Senior Correspondent, April 26, 2013. Post Publication Depression, not writer’s block, is the scourge of authors, according to Dr. Madrid, who reports on the discovery of a new syndrome, PPD.

Memo to Hell November 2012. Available as ebook Amazon Kindle and Smashwords. First appeared at Scatterplot, November 2012. Funnier than a lawyer-walks-into-a-bar joke, Blogger-jerk gets Cookie Monster's color wrong and foolishly argues with Manhattan lawyers about it. His dreams and writing career sink into the East River, weighted down by subpoenas and depositions. He says he's learned his lesson, but--maybe not so much. Adult language.

"Hanzel and Gretyl: A Boomer Fairy Tale" November 2012. Available as ebook at Amazon Kindle. First appeared in Open Doors Fracture Fairy Tales print anthology, Wayman Publishing, December 2012. Hilarious fractured fairy tale Boomers Hanzel and Gretyl have survived their childhood ordeal only to discover they are grown-old pensioners in suburbia, facing evil family, frightening shopping malls, and a Hannibal Lector wannabe.  But now Hanzel has more than breadcrumbs, he has the Apple Online Store, and always-optimistic Gretyl. Available as single story eBook at $0.99.

Being in the Box Fiction and Verse, online magazine. October 2012. At her debut Clara fears she won’t see this ghost in the theater box that has been locked since the murder.

"The Book Report," The Satirist, September 2012. Humorous book review of Me Talk Pretty One Day by David Sedaris.

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