Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Johnny Don't March "Gut-Wrenchingly good"

My novel Johnny Don't March is now an eBook at Amazon, complete with its new cover, thanks to award-winning novelist and artist S.A. Hunt.

What people are saying:
"gut-wrenchingly good"
"an exceptional novel"
"Hurley is the real deal talent"

War is purgatory. Coming home is hell. Nelson returns to Brooklyn from Afghanistan branded a hero, but feels more like a casualty. His fiancée, Prue, had warned him against going, but his father said someone had to pay for what the terrorists did. His aunt told him there had been enough dying on that Tuesday in September 2001. Maybe his aunt was wrong. Maybe Nelson has to die also. As dark memories erupt into the “normal” life he craves, Nelson learns the price of hate.

Johnny Don't March is getting attention at Amazon, so if you're looking for an exceptional novel that is a gut-wrenchingly good read, check it out here.

Thanks for reading.
Timothy Hurley, author, appreciates all readers and reviews

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