Monday, February 16, 2015

"An Important Book that Dives Deeper than 'American Sniper'"

The first American review of my novel Johnny Don't March is at

5/5 stars
Format:Kindle Edition
Timothy Hurley's book "Johnny Don't March" is a great read for anyone interested in PTSD and the struggles of soldiers returning home from modern conflicts. Flashbacks to 9-11 set the stage for Nelson's departure to war, to avenge his cousin Sammy's death. The Nelson that returns from that war is a changed man, a conflicted man, and the power of his father's hate is no longer enough to drive him forward. It isn't until he takes a hard look at who he is and who he wants to be that he can start to move on past the horrors he saw, and those he returned to.

The writing is terse and spare, but the emotions are poignant and the narrative pushes you forward, sometimes reluctantly. Everyone will be able to find a part of Nelson and his journey that resonates even if you haven't been 'over there.'

The first UK review is at
5/5 Stars
Shepherd (Leicester, UK) - See all my reviews

This review is from: Johnny Don't March: a novel (Kindle Edition)
Oh boy!

Timothy Hurley has written one cracking story of humanity and human strength and fragility.

Set against the background and consequences of 9/11, and around a serving U.S. soldier in 2013 Afghanistan, Timothy Hurley's main character, Specialist Nelson O'Brien gives us a roller-coaster insight to the reality of modern prejudices and warfare, and the ultimate human toll, yet recognising compassion and humility of those most affected.

If only those politicians could truly understand the unseen wounds that Hurley beautifully exposes to readers...

The struggle to separate reality from nightmares, and thrown into 'life' outside of active service, Nelson O'Briens relationships with family, friends and colleagues are similarly exposed.

Where life is an undesirable option and death comfortable to accept - a national / global callousness becomes apparent, that should leave all readers questioning the true price of war.

Hard to put down - a gripping read!

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