Sunday, September 28, 2014

Two Tales by Timothy Hurley

"Albert Bixby's Experimental Suicide"
"The Ghost on the Barstool"

eBook available at and internationally available in countries where Amazon has a website.

Two satirical stories for $0.99.
That's forty-nine and one half cents per story.
Amazon will refund your money if you don't like them.
But you must certify you did not smile, not even inwardly. (not really)

"Albert Bixby's Experimental Suicide" in which Albert Bixby challenges Albert Einstein. This story takes place in Berkeley, California.

"The Ghost on the Barstool" in which Matt Whitaker learns the high cost of busting ghosts. This story takes place in Dorking, UK and is dedicated to the fine people of Dorking, Surrey.

Read the first paragraph of each story here:
"Albert Bixby's Experimental Suicide"
When Albert Bixby awakened at three o’clock in the morning on May 10, 1967, his first inclination was to declare his experimental suicide a success. His caution about asserting triumph was due to the problematic nature of the experiment. Still, he believed he had accomplished his goal to prove his namesake wrong: Albert Einstein’s equation had to be incorrect....

"The Ghost on the Barstool"
Matt Whitaker cinched his tie and collected his raincoat from the rack above his train seat.  The train lurched, and he staggered to the end of the coach and removed his suitcase from a shelf. The conductor passed through the car, calling: Dorking Main next. Dorking, please. Matt looked at his phone—eleven minutes before nine o’clock in the morning. The train from London’s Victoria Station slowed to a stop, and Matt stepped onto the platform in Dorking, Surrey, UK....

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