Monday, May 5, 2014

Lunatics Win Liebster

Peoria State Hospital for the Incurably Insane, home office of the Lunatic Assylum

The Lunatic Assylum was nominated for a Liebster award for blogging by Alana Harbison, an Aussie from Queensland. Which is not the same thing as receiving the Liebster Award. It does give me the right to place this impressive icon on my blog.
Which right I would have naturally as an American. It is in the Constitution. Check it out.

I thought this meant someone would arrive at my apartment with a lobster dinner and computer-drawn butter. 
Maine lobster man

But, according to Google Translate, Liebster comes not from Maine lobstermen, but from the German lieber, to love. Hence a liebster is a lover. Wow. Those award givers are perceptive. I am nothing if not a lover.
Me in my loverboy days

It also turns out receiving a Liebster Award is not all take and no give. I must give an acceptance speech and thank whichever gods have not gone on early vacation, my ancestors back to Brian Boru in ancient Ireland, my long-suffering wife, my dear children and perfect grandchildren. At my wife's urging, I stopped short of thanking my orchid plant for inspiration and peace of mind.
Me thanking the Liebster Academy

The acceptance speech is in the form of yet another interview. The Lunatic Assylum, it seems is a sought after interviewee. Sort of like Mr. Snowden is sought after by the Justice Department.

Poor guy doesn't even like pyroshki

So my question and answer interview will appear in this space soon. As soon as Google translates the questions from Aussie.
The other "give" the Liebster Award obligates The Lunatic Assylum to is to nominate other worthy, lovers...make that liebsters. Here is a list of bloggers you might like to check out and see where they paste the little Liebster icon...heh, heh.

Thanks for reading. ?Hasta la vista?


  1. I'm impressed. Not sure how you top this, Tim. Maybe donate the cash prize to fellow writers?

  2. Thanks, Byron. I'm donating every dime I get from this award to the Byron Edgington Fund for Wayward Pilots.

  3. Congrats. Little known fact. Much like the Golden Globes are the predecessor to winning an Academy Award, so too do the Liebsters serve as gateway for Maine's Prestigious Lobster Awards. And as we all know, the Lobster Prize leads to the even more prestigious Sen. Joe Lieberman Humor Prize. When you get your passport to fly to Australia to accept the Liebster, use your your jacket photo. You'll never have to pay for a Fosters again.

    1. Joe Lieberman is my comedic idol. As for Ausralia, I'll wait until the US invades and makes them a state.

  4. I really don't understand how my name keeps getting dragged into these things. I'm going to contact my attorney and see about getting a virtual restraining order. Damn it. I forgot I don't actually have an attorney, which explains quite a lot about the piss poor terms of my divorce decree. Also, what is pyroshki? I haven't seen it on the Hardees menu here in small town Iowa yet.

    1. Apologies Mr. Malone. Sit down. Chill. Have a rum. It's America, land of the free. You may choose to ignore this invitation to promote your Opus Magnum. It the subpoena you may not ignore, remember?
      When Chariton gets its first Russian restaurant, you can try pyroshki. Read about it here
      They go well with Heinz ketchup and rum.
      They're all the rage in Des Moines.