Friday, April 4, 2014

Johnny Don't March

The Lunatic Assylum has received questions about my work-in-progress, Johnny Don't March.
Here are the answers.
Q: How far along are you?
A: I finished draft one and am two thirds the way through draft two. Draft two is some significant revisioning, but I think it's going well.
Q: What's it about?
A: War is purgatory—waiting is hell. Nelson returns from Afghanistan branded a hero and rejects the role. As dark memories erupt into the “normal” life he craves, he learns the hard way that hate is futile.
Q: How long is it?
A: I'm not sure. It started as a rewrite of my short story Fifty Fifty, when I became interested in what happened to Nelson when he came home. It was a story that wouldn't stop and is on its way to novella length. I don't watch word counts when I write, so I'll know how long it is when it's finished.
Q: When will it be out?
A: I'm shooting for late 2014. But I love rewriting and editing (really) and polishing, so it will be ready when I can read it without making significant changes. I hope to have it ready for my professional editor by Thanksgiving ...maybe Christmas ...definitely by New Year's ...or next Spring Break.
Q: What does the cover look like?
A: I've toyed with many cover concepts and like several. See the pic above for one of my latest concepts. The photograph for this cover was shot by my wife of the Brooklyn Bridge on a foggy day and I altered it. When I asked her price for using her photo, she said, "everything." When I told her we'd be rich when the book comes out, she said the price was, "everything, in advance."


  1. I love your wife's comments. my daughter does photography, they seem to have the same price range for love ones. lol.

    1. Thanks for reading, Jenna. Bet your daughter's photography is wonderful.

  2. Your wife is very smart, but you knew that. Congrats and good luck.