Monday, February 10, 2014

Johnny Don't March

I was invited to the My Writing Process Blog Tour by UK writer Anne Shilton,
C.A. Shilton, author of Barricades-The Journey of Javert

Anne’s Amazon author page is HERE
Her blog is HERE

At the end of this blog tour I’ll introduce you to the two writers who will pick up the tour from here next week.

Getting to the interview questions:

Author, Timothy Hurley's work in progress is Johnny Don't March, a novella.

What are you working on?
I recently completed the rough draft of my novella, Johnny Don’t March, due out in late 2014. Nelson returns from war branded a hero, but he doesn’t want the role, and his dark Afghanistan memories threaten to explode the “normal” life he craves. I am in revisions now, and I expect to take several months of polishing before it’s ready to send to my copy editor. At the same time, I’m working on ideas for the cover of the book, which takes place in Brooklyn and Manhattan. 

How does your work differ from others of its genre?
That will depend on how my story polishes out during revisions, and how readers accept it. The theme of war’s toll on young men and women is prominent now in fiction and journalism. I am aware of Joyce Carol Oates’ new book, Carthage, and decided not to read it yet, as I don’t want it to influence my revisions.

Why do you write what you do?
Boy, if any writer knows the real answer to that, they must be ready for elevation to minor deity. A story, or a scene, or a bit of dialogue gets in my head and won’t leave me alone until I work with it. Johnny Don’t March started as a short story I was revising last year. It kept growing and the story morphed into my first novella. I’m very excited and a bit intimidated by the process unfolding, but I like the result so far. I’m anxious to get into revisions and make every sentence say precisely what I want it to.

How does your writing process work?
When I am writing first rough draft, I find the early morning hours best. By that I mean 3 o’clock in the morning. I will have done a good deal of reading and research by the time I start a rough draft, but during the writing I halt and do more research along the way. In a new scene or new chapter the first sentence can be the hardest. I write the first thing that comes to me, no matter how crappy. Even if I delete or change it later, that gets the ball rolling, and the writing seems to flow on its own after that. I have a vague notion or outline where I think the story is going, but I find surprises and it goes where it wants, characters change, plot evolves. For revisions and editing I work most any time of day. I expect to have this novella ready to send to a professional editor in six months. Maybe seven. Probably ten.

 I invited Iowa writer Buzz Malone, author of Silence of Centerville, to pick up the tour on 17 February 2014 and tell about his new novel, which has just finished revisions and goes to the editor. Find his blog HERE 
Iowa writer, Buzz Malone, author of Silence of Centerville

About author Buzz Malone: Buzz Malone was raised in the slow rolling Southern Iowa hills where both sides of his family have lived for generations. As a child he listened in wonder and amazement at the oral histories of the people and places that surrounded him. Now, through his own fictional accounts, he gives voice to those long forgotten stories in his works of historical literary fiction. "I wrote my first novel at the age of seven," claims author Buzz Malone.
"However upon review, it turned out to be eerily similar to the plot and story line of star wars, but with a guy named 'Jim' instead of 'Luke'. Now, some thirty years later I am still stealing the best of bits and pieces of oral histories and Iowa events, and attempting to breathe new life into them.

Also blogging for the tour on that date will be Colorado author, C. R. Hodges, science fiction/fantasy writer and author of eBook The Cavalryman’s Saber. His blog is HERE. He’ll tell about his success with mythica short stories and his novels-in-progress.

Colorado writer, C. R. Hodges, author of The Cavalryman's Saber

About author C. R. Hodges: C.R. Hodges lives in Colorado with his wife, three daughters, a dog, a turtle and no ghosts that he knows of. He has seven short stories published with two more under contract for publication in 2013. His work has appeared in EscapePod, On the Premises, Bards and Sages Quarterly, The First Line, and Kazka Press. When he is not writing, playing the tuba or coaching youth softball, he runs a product development and industrialization services company.

Tune in on February 17 for Buzz Malone's and C. R. Hodges' blogs.

After this blog tour my short story Fifty Fifty will be a FREE ebook at Amazon Kindle February 11 (Monday) to 15 (Friday). Full disclosure: it is not a Valentine story. (adult language)

Thanks for reading. See ya again?