Friday, January 10, 2014

On Off Campus with Ari King

Ari King, radio show host,
Ari King, host of Off Campus radio show

author of What Now?! Conversations about College, Graduation, and the Next Step, interviewed me on his show, Off Campus on BBox Radio.
at Off Campus BBox radio studio

We talked about my college and medical school years and my post retirement writing career. Also what I did or did not do during The Summer of Love in San Francisco.

You can listen to the interview online Here.

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

A Brief Musing About Language

Language is such a pathetically inadequate way to communicate. Or at minimum an incomplete way.

Modern humans don't seem to be aware of how much they gave up to acquire language. Or how boxed in their mind is because of language.

Or how the language they were raised with shapes their thinking. And limits their thinking. There is a place beyond where language is.
It is where the majority of consciousness lives.

There are innumerable books on the subject of language and its evolution. As well as books on the origin of consciousness and its relationship to language. Alas, they are all written in some language.

Neither is it lost on me that because of my mad rantings on this matter, I have been compared by one writer/editor in the UK to Ludwig Wittgenstein. The comparison is  only partially accurate, given that Mr. Wittgenstein is deceased and I am not yet; and that Mr. Wittgenstein was the foremost philosopher of our time and described by Bertrand Russell as a genius, given that Mr. Russell has not so described me. One slight coincidence: "He was of the opinion...that his ideas were generally misunderstood...(and) doubted he would be better understood in the future." I do note that Mr. Wittgenstein published one slim volume in his lifetime, as have I. The difference is that I hope to publish another this year.
Genius Ludwig Wittgenstein, with two ears, two eyes, a nose and mouth, remarkably similar to Timothy Hurley, author

Some interesting books on the matter.

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Friday, January 3, 2014

Keri Beevis Interviews Timothy Hurley

Award winning author, Keri Beevis, of Norwich, UK (Dead Letter Day by Keri Beevis, available at Amazon UK and at Amazon US) interviewed me on her blog. We talked about my short story writing, my book Shortstack
available at Amazon US (eBook or print) or Amazon UK (eBook)

and which dead authors I would invite to my dinner party. (the authors get to be alive at the party.) I talk about my works in progress due out in 2014 and 2015.
Award winning UK author, Keri Beevis

She also seemed unnaturally curious about what I would choose as my last meal on death row.
Not Timothy Hurley's last meal...or author dinner party

Find the answers to these and other questions at Keri's blog interview. Then check out her book at Amazon.
Buy it in pounds or it in English

Find the interview here

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