Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Kindle Countdown

Shortstack went on Kindle Countdown discount today and will stay there for the rest of the week. Kindle Countdown discounts eBooks and steps the price back up over a week to the regular price. Shortstack will be at $0.99 to start, then $1.99 and back to $2.99 at the conclusion. Think Cyber Monday, which is like Black Friday without the mayhem.

Shortstack Table of Contents

Fractured fairy tale Boomers Hanzel and Gretyl are grown-old pensioners in suburbia, facing evil family, frightening shopping malls, and a Hannibal Lector wannabe, with nothing more than Hanzel’s breadcrumbs app and Gretyl’s optimistism.
Plato would not recognize this mangled Greek mashup when Icarus pilots the Labyrinth spaceship, the Minotaur and Aphrodite to the sun, stalked by evil Theseus.
Seldom Seen Slim, fastest gun west of some river, knows how to get the Cheyenne Kid and his bank-robbing gang out of the Red Rock hills, but it’ll cost Marshal Briggs a quarter.
Love is patient. But patience won’t find the lost wedding ring.
Marianne and Timothy’s arrival in New York City is more harrowing than the easy landing the Dutch had in 1614.
No one knows better than loving husband Harold and lovely Ethel that it’s black dress for the opera, the subway smells, and don’t forget the tickets.
Funnier than a lawyer-walks-into-a-bar joke.
Detective Hoyt Schermerhorn is baffled in Brooklyn about why readers of this story are disappearing.
Inspirational parchment found in Filene’s Basement.
The middle manager of self-effacement reviews the master of self-deprecation.
Post Publication Depression, not writer’s block, is the scourge of authors.
A modern translation of the ancient Gaelic manuscript.
Roy wants to serve God’s people, just not on Monday night.
This Thanksgiving in the Eden suburbs is not going according to Eve’s plan.
It’s Christmas, and Maurice is sure he can help, when Nick’s reindeer come down with the flu.
Chaunce wants to sell his book, and he believes this trip to Iowa to meet Phil will do it.
Tommy wants a pet, and Uncle Bill comes through with a magical unicorn that is more trouble than magic.
This meeting of the Grumpy Old Men’s Club will determine who is Sonoma County’s Royal Pain in the Ass.
Trouble breaks out at the Grumpy Old Men’s Club, and barista Tiffany says bring it on.


  1. Timothy, your book has been on my list to download. I have so many in line waiting their turn. After reading this Table of Contents, I've just moved it closer to the front, Looking forward to the readings. :)

    1. Thank you, Carmen, I really appreciate it. It will definitely change my report from Amazon. I hope you enjoy it.