Friday, December 13, 2013

Dead Planet Scrolls

My science fiction short story, "Dead Planet Scrolls" is one of 15 sci fi and fantasy stories in the eBook Theme-Thology: Invasion. Fifteen short stories by fifteen talented authors. At Amazon Kindle Store.

Here is the opening of "Dead Planet Scrolls."

Ekahau stabbed at the communicator button on his rover’s dashboard. “Nomad to Transport-44. Strange. I picked up narrow band EMWs. I’m on my way to check.” He set down the scanner and thought: Narrow band electromagnetic waves? From a cave in an unpopulated canyon? On a dead planet?

He stared hard through his visor into the rust-colored Martian hills. The rover grumbled and jumped forward; he pointed it at the cave....

Ekahau is the first Mayan on Mars and landing engineer for VANAG Mining, intent on stripping the Red Planet of its chlorominium, essential to life everywhere. Ekahau finds something in a cave that could threaten the landing, disrupt ore extraction, and confirm that invasions sometimes take paths history forgets.

"Dead Planet Scrolls," written in 2012, is my first published sci fi story.


  1. Ore extraction? Wow, sounds interesting but if you wrote it then I know it's great.

    1. Thanks, Eve. Yep, ore extraction--essential to life on Mars and Earth--threatened.