Thursday, October 17, 2013

The Loonies Escape

The loony escaped The Lunatic Assylum, not unlike the escape from Cuckoo’s Nest.
Preparing to fly
Off I flew to Minneapolis-St. Paul from Newark. Met by St. Paul author, Chaunce Stanton (Blank Slate Boarding House for Creatives),
Two authors loose in St. Paul
I was whisked in his Volvo to Stanton House. There I received the royal treatment in spite of being a New York writer. We ate raw kale from the garden, drank beet kvass made by his gracious wife, Naomi, and imbibed Stanton’s own infused vodka, and visited with Stanton’s good friend Erin.
At Twin Cities Book, before official opening
The objective was the Twin Cities Book Fest. There we met fellow writers and many readers looking for books.
What ex-governors do in Minnesota
Jesse Ventura was conspicuously present, as was Delia Ephron, among others, all promoting their respective books. Lines for Jesse were a bit longer than the lines at our table. But we encountered many people and networked with writers as we were supposed to do. And we sold some books.
St. Paul Cathedral
Jesse Ventura's former employer
Also on the visit were a walking tour of Downtown St. Paul, the St. Paul Cathedral (large, impressive the way European cathedrals are impressive), the Minnesota State Capitol, and a visit to F. Scott Fitzgerald’s boyhood home and statue.
Two authors conferring, one bronzed
Not the least important were trips out for walleye sandwiches at the Tavern on Grand and pulled pork sandwiches at Black Dog Café (site of the writing of Blank Slate) where I met Sara Remke, owner and delightful person. She had the excellent taste to accept the gift of my book, Shortstack—signed.
Author of Shortstack and Sara Remke
To show my gratitude for a flight well done on my return trip I gifted my book to the pilot and flight attendant. Both said they needed something to read on layover and were happy.
Pilots like to read Shortstack.
St. Paul: I gave it two thumbs up. Chaunce said come back in January and we’ll do it all again. Let’s see. January. I could be busy in Brooklyn.
not really St. Paul, Minnesota in July

Thanks for reading. Tune in tomorrow for the Write Fight, the writing competition between writers Chaunce Stanton and Timothy Hurley that was born at the Twin Cities Book Fest.

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