Friday, October 18, 2013

The Great St. Paul Write-Off

Chaunce Stanton and Timothy Hurley plotting Write Fight

While in St. Paul at the Twin Cities Book Fest, I was minding my own business, talking to readers about my funny book, when Chaunce Stanton, seated next to me pushing his novel (Blank Slate Boarding House for Creatives, 4.2 stars magic mystery novel) had the flash that we should engage in a writing competition.
Not Stanton and Hurley, but close

Members of the Google Plus community, Literary Agents Hate Kittens (of which I am a member) provided nouns, verbs and adjectives. 
Kitten thinking about verbs

Because adverbs have been persona non grata in literature since the Victorian age, he did not include them.
Queen Victoria banning adverbs

Attendees at the book fest were invited to vote for one noun, one verb, and one adjective. Eighty voters selected the words: Monocle, Procrastinate, Wobbly.
Chaunce and I wrote stories and both were posted without author attribution on his website with a voting poll. The voting is going on now, and readers of The Lunatic Assylum may following this LINK to read the stories and vote.
Plenty of nouns, verbs, and adjectives. But they chose Monocle, Procrastinate, Wobbly

The winner will not be paying for the Jameson’s or vodka martinis when next we two writers are sitting at the same table. That might not be real soon, as we drank up all the whiskey and vodka in Minnesota, and they will need time to replenish.
Not the actual source of Jameson's or Martinis

But you can read and vote now. Please do.

Thanks for reading. Next time? Til then.

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