Tuesday, September 24, 2013


curiously not banned in Boston

My newest marketing plan for my book, Shortstack, is this:
the book is now banned in 37 states.
California thinks the crazier and more subversive a book is the better and refused to ban it.
California legislature weighing the merits of Shortstack

And New York gave up banning anything that can be sold on the street in Times Square.
Typical Times Square Shortstack purchaser

I had to buy off the Decency League in most of those states to get the legislatures to ban it, but that's a business expense.
Celebs don't come cheap

My previous marketing scheme to be a deceased writer didn't work out. I got squeamish at the bridge when someone told me there's no pizza in heaven--or hell. (Thanks for trying to help with the gravestone, Buzz Malone
Not a bad plan for the heirs though

I'm sure that now that Shortstack is a Banned Book, it is set to take off and chase Dan Brown all the way to the top of the NYT list.
I'll never catch D.B.

Watch CNN, your local headlines, and Fox News for sites and times of local book burnings of Shortstack. Bring marshmallows.
Not a real book burning, which is not nice

If this doesn't work, plan C is: I’ll talk to the Pope about a ban on religious grounds after he reads “Genesis” in Shortstack, my translation of the first book of the Bible, ghost written for God by Moses.
Pope Francis reading Shortstack, about to smile

Plan D is: back to passing them out on the G train.
Not the G train in 2013

Shortstack, eBook $2.99 and paperback $5.99 at Amazon

My inspiration for the book banning idea came from a post on another media by Eve Proofreads, a UK editor/proofreader of great expertise. It seems this is Banned Book Week throughout the book-reading world. I'm working on getting Shortstack banned in Britain.

Thanks for reading. See you when I get a plan E?

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