Wednesday, August 14, 2013

For Everything Else, There's People

Shortstack arrives at my building in Brooklyn

My order of 50 copies of Shortstack arrived today.

The doorman emailed me (yes we're a modern building) that the package had arrived. I went down to get it (we may be modern but I ain't J.K. Rowling, and they don't bring packages up).
Going down to get my package

The doorman is named George. I've gotten to know him a little since he started a couple of
months ago. He's from Greneda, speaks sophisticated English with an accent, black, is a little past middle age. Always nicely dressed, coat, tie, prim and proper as a doorman. Today when I went to get the package, I told him it was my new book. He showed me the book he was reading at his desk: a non-fiction work about the role of China in modern economics and world power. World history and politics is his favorite genre. When he found out I was an author and had a book, he asked where he could get it and how much.
Not a non-fiction treatise on Chinese-American economic relations

I told him it was $6 plus shipping at Amazon but I was selling them for $5. He said he wanted a signed copy and whipped out a $5 bill. I waved the bill off. It felt so good to know he was willing to pay his hard-earned cash to read my writing, I could not take his money. (Don't worry, this feeling will be gone by the time you buy one.) I took the box upstairs and went back down with a copy for him. He was like a kid at Christmas.
Santa brought me a book?

Shortstack: $6 plus shipping at Amazon. Look on his face as I handed him the book: priceless.

For all your purchases on Amazon there's Mastercard. For everything else, there's people.

Thanks for reading. See you again?

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