Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Books Books Books

Shortstack is not the only book being sold on Amazon right now. But one you should have, paperback or eBook. Here are some you might like to read from authors I know and call friend. Click on a title to jump to the Amazon book page for more thorough information.
Also the easiest to find and read

There's also the newly released Blank Slate Boarding House for Creatives by St. Paul Author Chaunce Stanton, the historical fiction fantasy about the world's greatest magician.
Just launched at Black Dog Cafe, I gave it 5*

And Silence of Centerville by Iowa author Buzz Malone, about  a deaf child, Frankie, growing up in 1950s Midwest America. Moving, courageous, triumphant. Compared by the author to a Hemingway novel. 5*
Wait for the next edition due out any minute.

I am currently reading the paperback edition of The Sky Behind Me by Ohio author Byron Edgington. Great memoir of a helicopter pilot's 40 years of flying in Vietnam, corporate America and tourist Hawaii. 
Bailey Prize Winner

My UK friend and author Phil Simpkin has The Borough Boys series about 1850s police work in Leicester, England. Great historical fiction. I'm reading number one. Number two is also out, and number three is due out this year or next.
No. 1 in the series.

Then there's author Todd Grundle's wacko book under the pen name of Giovanni Russano, The House that Smelled Like Urine. I haven't read it yet, but it's on my Kindle.
On my list.

Another book on my Kindle, not yet read: Death, the Devil and the Goldfish by funny author Andrew Buckley.
A reviewer compares the author to famous people even I know.

Playwright Damian Trasler has taken the plunge into short stories (yay, short stories) and has a number on Amazon eBooks, individually for $0.99, great for reading over coffee. Here's one.
Put it on your Kindle for less than the cost of the coffee.

A historical fiction eBook I just bought for my Kindle that looks very intriguing and has good reviews, by Texas author Steven D. Malone, about frontier violence in Texas during the Civil War.
I can't wait to get into this.

Yet another book on my Kindle awaiting takeoff, A Thistle in the Mist by author Megan Denby, about a mysterious murder in Scotland, deception, and a courageous woman.
Murder, mystery, deception.

Southern California author Eve Gaal has released Penniless Hearty, about a woman's adventure in Hawaii, where she is mistaken for the goddess Pele. Yes, it's on my list.
Hawaii, mistaken identity, danger

A book by author and software developer Thomas A. Knight, Legacy, a fantasy about danger and fate on the Island of Arda.
Book 2 of a series.

Many of these authors are members of a Google Plus community for writers, authors, and other shut-ins. If you are on Google Plus, check out Literary Agents Hate Kittens (Hey, I don't write the titles. Buzz Malone is the owner.). It's a wacky, funny, supportive, no-stuffy-rules, international group. You might like it.

Thanks for reading. Hasta la vista, muchacas y muchachos.


  1. What a fabulous list and thanks for the kind mention. I wish I would have known about Byron Edgington because I have a couple helicopter flights in my book and two helicopter pilots--one of whom served in Desert Storm. I had to learn all about flying a helicopter on the internet and well I'm not sure you'd get very far if I was the pilot.

    1. Thanks, Eve, for the read and nice words. Byron Edgington's book is a good read. Great writer. I'm not even halfway into his book and wondering what he's doing next.
      Your book is still on my list.