Tuesday, May 7, 2013

I'm in love with my line editor

My line editor is awesome, and I’m pretty sure I’m in love.
HemHospWounded by cupid's arrow
 It’s like when Hemingway was wounded in the war and fell in love in the hospital with his nurse.
HemNurseNot my real line editor, but beautiful also.
  I fell in love with my Poe’s Black Cat line editor. You’ve heard me brag on how PBC was accepted for the fall release of Dark Muses, Spoken Silences from Firbolg Publishing. Well, in writer-lingo it was accepted with rewrite requests which means some plot changes. I worked my talents to the bone and have a stronger story I hope readers will like.
DarkMusesCoverSee, Dad, Mom was right. I amounted to something. A paying gig.
Now it’s round two—line editing.
And a potential title change to Poe’s Black Cats. And even though my sister-in-law’s adorable, but mysterious and reclusive Scout has the lead role, there are more than one black cat, after all.
scout (3)The Star of Poe's Black Cat(s) in his trailer
When I received the file I experienced the universal writer’s reaction to revision requests: how dare anyone question my creative genius, I’m the artist here. (See Memo to Hell for a similar reaction that got a writer in hot water.)
So I did the uncharacteristic. I closed the file and didn’t touch it for 48 hours while I got drunk.
funny-drunk-people-grocery-410Me letting go and seeking mindfulness
When I went back to it my reaction was: hey, these edits aren’t so bad. Another day went by and I said I could live with them. Then hey, she’s right. And finally: she’s a freaking genius, I think I’m in love. This could be Stockholm Syndrome but I think it’s the real thing, and I should ask her out.
PattyHearstNot me, but how I would look if I had Stockholm's Disease
Except for the complication that I’m married, and I’m pretty sure she is too. If I were a Romance writer
romanceNot my genre
that wouldn’t stop me, but, alas, I’m not.  The best love affairs end in tragedy (thank you, Mr. Shakespeare.) and this one looks like it’s headed there. Or I run the risk of murder-by-spouse(s).
But meanwhile Poe’s Black Cat(s) is coming into final polish (unless there’s a round 3).
I go down in round 3, right?
Thanks, fellow loonies, for reading and being there for me.

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